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Because everyone's needs are different, not-a-loud's technology is flexible and customizable. 

Vehicle Noise Cameras

not-a-loud's noise camera system consists of two types of units:      1) the sound level meter unit and 2) recording unit(s). This approach provides the flexibility to position the sound level meter unit at a distance that coincides with your particular ordinance. The sound level meter unit can trigger a single recording unit or multiple recording units for better triangulation of noise sources.

Our system focuses on one lane of analysis. This allows greater confidence in localization, as opposed to trying to identify a single vehicle in a sea of cars. Microphone arrays on each unit provide accurate localization.


Municipalities can set their desired decibel thresholds and recording times. It is up to the municipality how to use the information gathered. We are well-versed in data privacy issues and are ready to provide secure data storage and transfer.

We're excited to pursue a pilot program in your community. Please reach out to discuss possible solutions!


Vehicle Noise Ordinances

We have a library of vehicle noise ordinances from a US context. If you are interested in proposing a vehicle noise ordinance in your own community, reach out and we would be happy to discuss.


Road Noise Monitoring

If you wish to address a noise problem in your community but you're not ready to launch an enforcement program, we can help you with noise monitoring to better understand how to approach a solution.

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